Tips on dealing with stress or anxiety

For these past 2 weeks, I have been constantly stressed, due to the uncertainty during this covid-19 period.

I decided to reach out for help and speak to my friends about it, I then discovered that if I make an effort to deal with these issues I can overcome it

Two things that really helped me are

Firstly, talk to someone, call anyone you trust, or you can email me, and express how you feel, let all your emotions out, it’s okay to feel not okay.

While you express your self you could unlock what’s truly making you feel this way. If you are not good at talking to others, you could write a letter to yourself.

Secondly surround your self with positive vibes, thoughts and emotions. Go for a walk, listen to music and dance, do everything that brings you peace and joy. Talk to God, spend more time with him.

Sometimes my anxiety comes from watching the news, so I found a more fun way to watch the news, which is the daily show. Try and make what gave you anxiety before more positive and less stressful

I hope all these tips were helpful ❤️

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