“ Your personal boundaries protect the inner core of your identity and your right to choices” – Gerard Manley Hopkins

In November last year, I experienced a different level of inner-peace and I had moments where I felt I was glowing. This was mainly because I stopped trying so hard to please everyone and I began to distance myself from everything that was hurting me. I took some dramatic steps like asking my friend to change my instagram password so I won’t have access to it and would avoid certain triggers. It worked! I was happier, less stressed and finally able to focus on what was important to me.

During this period, I picked up new habits that made me more productive and even when I got my IG password back, I made sure to mute content from anyone that I felt negatively affected my mood or happiness.

Here’s what I learnt:
Understanding the importance of protecting what you allow into your life is key. Of course, certain things are unavoidable but most things are in fact avoidable. We can choose the kind of shows to watch, the kind of books to read, the text messages we respond to and the phone calls we pick up. Even in these extremely unique times, we can choose to filter the information we let into our minds.

I would love to recommend two practical steps I believe would be great to practice during this quarantine. With so much spare time, its important to grow in your individuality and develop a deeper understanding of self.

First identify and possibly write out your triggers. (Yes, even the little things that you might deem irrelevant should be included). Be still and think about the things that affect your mood negatively or demotivate you, its important to note where most of your stress stems from.

Secondly, take action! If it might be too drastic to block an account, then mute or restrict access to them. You can simply unfollow if you’re feeling a little bolder. Speak up and say NO to the things that make you uncomfortable and remember that you don’t have to give explanations to justify your happiness, respond to unwanted calls with text messages and inform the person on how best you’d prefer to communicate.
We all have different coping mechanisms, but prioritize discovering what works best for you and do just that.

Always remember, we engage with others better when we have taken care of ourselves first. I hope you’re staying safe and doing your best to stay afloat in these ‘Rona’ times.

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