Power of checking up

Let’s think back a little to when you had your lowest moments. Do you remember who was there for you? Who listened to you and made you feel better? Who showed up for you and made efforts to make sure you were okay?

I have had to admit that I’m not the best when it comes to checking up on friends that are not in my city or live out of the country. I would constantly blame busy schedules and life’s happenings but recently, with the current social distancing laws, I’ve found more time to do so.
I checked up on one of my friends who had been there for me when I went through a difficult time and discovered that she had been dealing with so much in her own life and had wished I had said a simple “hi’ and reached out to hold her hand earlier.

We spoke for a long while and after bringing her up to speed on all that had been going on, I realized how powerful checking up on others can be. We might not have the time to do it as often as we like but I feel like during this period, we have a chance to work at it and be better.

If you are confused on who to check up on, think about
• Who has always been there for you in your lowest.
• Anyone you feel has been unusually distant.
• Family. Send a text to your parents or loved ones
• And anyone you miss and geniuley care about.

These little conversation could end up making your day and theirs and definitely help our general mental health and wellbeing.

Always remember to save emotional real-estate for the ones that would stay, be soft and be a safe place for the ones you love.

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