Who Makes Your Decisions ?!

Do you ever wish someone else, just anybody could take the pressure and make the hard decisions on your behalf? Then they’d also face the consequences, while you sit back, kick your feet up and eat popcorn? Well, I do. I am probably one of the most indecisive persons you could ever meet and this is mainly because I’m afraid of the outcomes of my decisions.

I have always been afraid to make decisions about school, relationships and even simple things like clothes. I spend so much time deliberating on a decision because I’m afraid of what people will say, how the situation looks, if its acceptable. This behavior of mine has really hindered me from doing so many things. I’m always trying to people please when I should really be pleasing myself and thinking of what pleases Jesus.

It took me time but I realized that we are allowed to make the wrong decisions, say the wrong things. We are not built to be prefect all the time. Even in the context of my faith. I’m allowed to slip up. I’m slowly learning to be comfortable with doing what I think is right, before I consider anyone else. Its important that your decisions always favor you.

Just quickly think of decisions you have made that are more people pleasing than you pleasing. And set your priority to be on you. This is your life and your story. Remember, as the main character of your life’s story, you need to build your story first before allowing others to add to the details.



2 thoughts on “Who Makes Your Decisions ?!

  1. first of all, your headlines are the best! I feel like you should make a genuine decision based on how you feel and the outcome will also be genuine, be it good or bad. If someone else made the decisions for you, you wouldn’t really be taking part in this movie called life. So take that course, date that guy, wear that top, or don’t, its your decision.


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