There is an excitement and fear that comes with moving to a new place or moving into a new year. A few months ago, I left my home country Nigeria to Cyprus for university. I made so many plans in regards to my social life, blogging, dressing, gym, dating and friends. I was truly excited because I saw university as a fresh new start.
A chance to recreate myself and my public image. I was going to accomplish it all. The truth is that I did not. I fell back to my same old habits because I thought the university would change me into this perfect human but it was my Job to change myself. I did try to do it all at the same time but truly I became overwhelmed by trying to find a balance, so it resulted in laziness and procrastination.

This time I created a new strategy for getting my things done which is Taking it slow and small, consistency and Peace of mind. I started going back to the gym slowly not overworking myself all at once and trying to reduce my meal portions. I didn’t allow myself to get stressed over results (Peace of mind) and this gave me the strength to start writing again.

So, my little tip from me to you is as you try to accomplish all your goals remember to take it small and slow, keep consistency and protect your peace of mind.

I’m so excited to be back and be able to share my experiences with everyone!

Have an amazing weekend! See you soon!

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