Is love what we think it is?

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Why do you look for love outside when there’s really no one that can love you as much as you love yourself?

Why do you say ‘I love you’ when you can’t even love yourself?

Love is very complicated, when my parents told me, I took it as a cliché old-school parent advise, but in the end turns out they were so damn right.

You love at a young age and then when you grow up you realise that’s not love, some get heartbroken so early in their life that they become so terrified to face the world.

If I had a bottle that contained love, I would put a tag on it that says ‘harmful substance keep out of reach of children’. Everyone falls in love, you don’t have to really do anything to fall in love. But not everyone stays in love because they don’t know how or they simply can’t stay in love because it can be very exhausting, you have to continue to fall in love to be able to stay in love.

The way to really love anyone is to understand that your problems are not the biggest, be selfless, think about the stranger next to you because like you, he has a story to tell, problems to solve. Don’t be too quick to love and don’t be too quick to hate also….it’s a balance. Don’t love someone because you feel good around them, that’s feign love. Love because you can feel what they feel…in that way you would understand the reasons why they do what they do.


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Sadness is just a mindset.

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The question then arises that if sadness isn’t a substance, then why can it be shared?

Sadness is a mindset, very much like happiness and anger it’s a choice. For this reason it can be shared. We humans can influence each other’s thoughts, causing us to change our mindsets. I’m talking about sadness specifically because it was one of my greatest challeng thankfully it isn’t the greatest any longer. If you are reading this because you have constant battles with sadness and emotional depression, overcoming it is quite easy. Like a popular law in physics states: To every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Black-white, good-bad, rich-poor, front-back, up-down….

There is a pattern in life, so to be great in this double faced life, you must see things with an ambivalent mind. We have two eyes for a reason, approaching life like a cyclops (with one eye) would make life seem meaningless to you. When you’re down, because you can’t see the pattern in life you would think that you can never be up because you simply can’t imagine there is an opposite of down somewhere called up. Then you begin to think you’ll be down permanently and as you think in your heart, so are you. Looking at life from this ambivalent perspective helps you to know and believe that your now is not your forever, when you’re down you would have hope and work towards getting up(optimism).


How I found my voice (part2)

I constantly kept on reading more self development books I meditated I spent more time in solitude and I engaged in activities that allowed me to know more about myself and how to build my character.

Ever since then I kept on feeding my heart body and soul with as much love as possible. And I found that the easiest way for me to do this was by serving others. That’s typically my nature.

Seeing other people happy and at peace. Helping those in need. Listening to people. Giving hugs. Doing small things is how it all started.

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How I found My voice .. (part1)

About three year ago I suffered from depression but at the time I failed to understand what it was and the exact cause of it. I came across a certain book called Eat, pray, love and tbh it’s really changed my life.

I related so much to the story the woman was telling and I felt so inclined to her experience and her spiritual journey so much so that it eventually triggered mine.

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