How I found my voice (part2)

I constantly kept on reading more self development books I meditated I spent more time in solitude and I engaged in activities that allowed me to know more about myself and how to build my character.

Ever since then I kept on feeding my heart body and soul with as much love as possible. And I found that the easiest way for me to do this was by serving others. That’s typically my nature.

Seeing other people happy and at peace. Helping those in need. Listening to people. Giving hugs. Doing small things is how it all started.

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How I found My voice .. (part1)

About three year ago I suffered from depression but at the time I failed to understand what it was and the exact cause of it. I came across a certain book called Eat, pray, love and tbh it’s really changed my life.

I related so much to the story the woman was telling and I felt so inclined to her experience and her spiritual journey so much so that it eventually triggered mine.

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Don’t hide you PART TWO

This is her explanation of the poem in part one

First stanza tells of how evident a subject’s presence is when it is in arrival or in a certain area. The subject is further likened to train and the obvious awareness created that’s created when a train is as far as a100km away from an individual. But suddenly that presence is gone/not felt referring to the poem. It disperses into thin air and can’t be seen, felt or heard. Liken the train to yourself when you are present in a place and what is evident when you’re in a place. Compare it to when you choose to hide or keep your nature in cos of circumstances.

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Don’t hide you …part1

Nature shouldn’t be hidden; Show it.

It took me a while to understand who I was. I understood with time that I was brave, talkative, happy and argumentative child. Everyone has a great/flaw character but what matters the most is how you use it and how it reflects. It can be an in-born/ inherited character or gotten as a result of habit (comes wrong most times). Call it whatever I call it nature. I’ve got a poem written by a friend which should help you understand my view of yourself. I hope you get the message out of my basic interpretations while reading.


Your presence crowded

The night like a train

Arriving in the station

But tonight

You had disappointed

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